​I have developed my clinical expertise through more than two decades of work with hundreds of adolescents and adults struggling with the most challenging parts of life: addiction, trauma, mood disorders, physical pain, and divorce.

​I am a Clinician with an entrepreneurial bent and pioneering leadership style.  That means I can use a mix of evidence-based practices with a creative approach to best meet your needs.  I think "outside of the box" and can help you or your organization expand your understanding of self and effectiveness in the world that matters to you.

My personal endeavors as an emerging adult who took an a-traditional path from bottom of the class high school to Ivy League graduate school; Mom of three kids born within a four year time span; divorce and discovery;  and fitness enthusiast to internationally recognized professional athlete have given me a wealth of first-hand experiences on how to overcome obstacles of all kinds: mental, physical, emotional, and professional.  

My work has been utilized by individuals and organizations throughout the Country.  I have developed programs and taught them at Yale University School of Medicine.  I am joyful about my hard work and the people, places, and things that have joined me in life because of it.  

are you ready for A LIFE LIFTING EXPERIENCE?


You don't have to know the answer to that question.  You only have to know that you are dissatisfied with how things are right now.  

Through my initial consultation, I will be able to tell you what would work best to alleviate "symptoms".  For your best outcomes, I will suggest either Psychotherapy for you and/or your family, my Mental Fitness Coaching program, my Career: Clarity and Connection services, or my Best First Date online date training.

Regardless of which one of my specialized services is the best fit for you, the outcome will be an enlightened and empowered sense of self...and ability to create the life you want.

Ava Diamond, LCSW

diamond development....developing your precious self.

More about you...

Are you a parent of a teen or young adult who seems to be without direction or purpose?  Is he or she struggling with commitments, substance abuse, or social choices that hinder best functioning?  If yes, I can help him/her...and I can help you.

Have you started weight loss or fitness programs and struggled with sticking with it?

If yes, I can help you.

Have you had breakdowns in your relationships as a parent, a significant other, or at work?  If yes, I can help you.

Do you have dreams about who you are meant to be, what you would love to do, and who you would like to be with...and don't know how to actualize them?  If yes, I can help you, too!


Articles written for websites and online publications, magazines have covered topics on parenting the addicted teen, launching the young adult child, co-parenting, stages of change, mental fitness, personal empowerment, goal-attainment, self-actualization, the art of communication,  successful dating and more.  For links, to request writing samples, or to discuss contributing articles to your website or magazine, please email me.

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