Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families

My psychotherapy practice is offered in my office and via SKYPE as needed.  I utilize a combination of CBT, DBT, Relational Theory, Family Systems Theory, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma-informed CBT, and EMDR to assist my Clients with recovery  from addiction and trauma, mood-regulation, and significant relationship troubles.  

One uniquely effective option I have for both couples and families is the use of my advanced colleague, Francis Giannini, LCSW, in providing CONJOINT THERAPY: each person in the couple (or the teen and the parents) each have their own therapist to work with individually and then we come together (each having their own support person) in a conjoint therapy session.  Each part of the family system (husband and wife or parents and child) having their own support present eliminates one primary reason why couples counseling typically doesn't work: triangulation.  So often, one person in the couple or family believes that the therapist has taken sides with the other.  Trust is reduced and the work disintegrates. Conjoin therapy is best for working things out or working things through more amicably. 

Mental Fitness Coaching for individuals or companies:

Listen in to some of the top podcasts in the USA and find out a bit about Mental Fitness Coaching:

My Mental Fitness Coaching program is a blend of psychotherapy, life coaching, and athletic training models.  Where in psychotherapy you will eventually delve into your past to resolve deeper issues, with Mental Fitness Coaching you will only dip into your historic experiences to reference your reasons for believing certain ways.  Mental Fitness Coaching is a practical approach to changing thoughts and eliminating cognitive blocks and dysregulating patterns...that interfere with achieving and surpassing your goals.  Mental Fitness Coaching may start with focusing on what skills and mental shaping that allows you to stay on your diet or with your personal training to develop your best physical condition, but it will undoubtedly empower you to develop your best professional and relationship condition, as well.

Mental Fitness Coaching is a program that I can offer to individuals and small groups as part of a Corporate Wellness initiative.  Increasing attendance, productivity, and commitment to the company will all be outcomes of this investment in employees.

You will experience  Barrier Breakdowns to make way for your authentic self.

You will learn about the Two C's of Success: Clarity and Conviction.

You will discover your Voice of Value.

​You will thrive.

Midlife Mastery: turning midlife crisis into midlife creation!

Mental Fitness Coaching designed to specifically support a critical stage of "second launching".  Midlife Mastery allows you to apply your wisdom, learn new information, eliminate cognitive and emotional blocks, and develop strategies for generating:

*Authenticity in career and relationships

*Passionate Logic:  a vital and effective combination of wisdom, reasoning, excitement and purpose for decisions that enhance life

*Physical fitness/wellness through unique mind:body management techniques that allow you to reach and surpass fitness/wellness goals while still enjoying yourself!

The Launching Pad: the lift off program for emerging adults

Mental Fitness Coaching program that fortifies the transition from adolescence (18 yrs old) to young adulthood (20+ yrs old) with Clarity and Conviction, the Two C's of SuCCess.  Using practical approaches to uncovering interests, skills, and personality traits, my work with the 18+ crowd allows them to understand and engage in well the process of growing up.  My clients are able to:

*Gain social confidence

*Set personal and professional goals and strive toward them.

*Become more resilient.

*Develop interview and networking skils

*Establish independence.

Career: clarity and connections program

My SKYPE-based Career enhancement program consists of three parts:

1.  A series of interviews in which I learn about your ideas and assess your skill sets.

2.  Twelve half hour weekly SKYPE sessions to generate a game plan and follow up actions toward making your dream career a reality.

3.  CONNECTIONS: using my master networking abilities, I will provide you with a minimum of 20 connections with people who can help you reach your career goals.

Best First Date online training program

​Have you ever had a bad first date?  I haven't.  Neither have any of my Clients who I have trained how to mentally prepare for the dating scene.  This training program helps you define yourself and the person you are best to spend time with; how to "put yourself out there" in ways that are congruent with the experience you hope to have; and how to find the Prize in the Process every step of the way.

programs and services

Available in MY OFFICE, YOURS, YOUR HOME, or Face-to-face through secured VSEE easy to download free internet service.

Ava Diamond, LCSW

diamond development....developing your precious self.


For healthcare providers to reduce burnout, improve interdisciplinary communication, and rejuvenate empathy for patients (as taught at Yale University School of Medicine):

For teens to discover values, sort through social issues, and develop effective communication skills:

Speaking and Writing topics:

*Emerging adulthood issues

*Parenting for all ages

*Addiction and Trauma Recovery (innovative ways to engage and treat)

*Family Dynamics

*Personal Empowerment

*Mental Fitness

*Resiliency (for teachers, healthcare providers, and parents)